『When We Fall In Love』 / TOKYO MARRY


   <2017.11.17/Bread & Cake Records/BCCL-1002/CD & Digital/\1,500(tax in)>


   01.Kiss In The Morning Light ft.TOKYO MARRY (T3RRV)
   02.Waiting For You ft.TOKYO MARRY (Keitonie)
   03.Love Delusions, Girl ft.TOKYO MARRY, Andrea Cirillo (Ryan Wiseman)
   04.Shibuya Girl, New York Boy ft.Nightkrawler X, TOKYO MARRY (Neji)
   05.エリエルノーツ (TOKYO MARRY)
   06.Throw Away Your PC, Do The Music ft.TOKYO MARRY, Gurf (colB)
   07.Jaggy ft.TOKYO MARRY (Keitonie)
   08.Madlove ft.TOKYO MARRY (SHIROHANA)
   09.Lil Bit of Everything ft.K-Cerious (TOKYO MARRY)
   10.Marry Cosmetic Surgery ft.TOKYO MARRY, Jadartari (Munion)
   11.Let Me Think ft.TOKYO MARRY (Philichordia)
   12.Nude Solitude ft.TOKYO MARRY, Jadartari (CDAD & Gaelen)



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