『21st Century Boys and Girls Songs』 / TOKYO MARRY


   <2018.11.11/Bread & Cake Records/BCCL-1006/CD & Digital/\2,000(tax in)>


   「So, I decided to fall in love」、「ReAssemble」、「Final Charm, Africa」、
   「Boy You Need A Change Of Mind」等収録。

   01.If We Are In Love (SE CI FOSSE AMORE) (TOKYO MARRY & Monica Bergo)
   02.So, I decided to fall in love ft.TOKYO MARRY, Moistodome (Nathaniel)
   03.21st Century Boys and Girls Song (TOKYO MARRY with the band)
   04.Envy An Angel (TOKYO MARRY)
   05.We Are Not Separate ft.TOKYO MARRY, Moistodome (Nathaniel)
   06.ReAssemble (Kyle Egret & TOKYO MARRY)
   07.Final Charm, Africa (TOKYO MARRY & Syva Jay ft.Hamid Saati)
   08.Sexy Boys Sexy Girls ft.TOKYO MARRY, Un Branleur Haineux (Baphomet Beats)
   09.ブラックベリー (TOKYO MARRY with the band)
   10.Boy You Need A Change Of Mind (TOKYO MARRY & Cease & Beetone & CASPER
     & Kezhman & EclipZe & Syva Jay & Ckhustomn(Qu4rto Lab) & Feral Fenix)
   11.Sweet Warp (TOKYO MARRY & Mp Frech)

   ※TOKYO MARRY with the band :
     TOKYO MARRY : Vocals, Guitars
     Kazumi Hoshi : Guitars
     Taro Aoyama : Bass
     Yuki Kawabata : Drums



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