『The Royal Heavenly Girl or Heavenly』 / TOKYO MARRY


   <20.09.04/Bread & Cake Records/BCCL-1018/Digital>

    ■TOKYO MARRY's new album in 2020!
   Includes singles 'Atom Woofer Girl!!', 'Everyday Is Summer Holiday',
   'Kawaii Yes' and 'Sakura Dress'!

   01 Riot Flower
   02 The Royal Butterfly Girl
   03 Strawberry Waterproof
   04 Winter Clothes Princess
   05 Atom Woofer Girl!!
   06 Pure Ending Of The World
   07 Teenage School
   08 Kawaii Yes
   09 Everyday Is Summer Holiday
   10 White Clover Picking
   11 Botan-Yuki Hai
   12 Sakura Dress
   13 Just friends

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     The genius in the US indie, Emseeemotion made this music video!











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